1. Our House Is In Perfect Condition:

2. It’s Been On The Market For ‘X’:

3. We’ve Never Had A Problem With….

4. We’ve Always Wanted To Fix / Renovate That, But…..

5. I’m Not Taking Less Than ‘X’ For My Home:

La Mesa Homeowners

have many responsibilities during the home selling process. None are more important than filling out and providing accurate and forthcoming disclosures.

These disclosures tell the story for the home and give the buyers an idea of what they are getting into and what they may have to take care of at some point down the road after purchase. Being as forthcoming as possible avoids nasty lawsuits down the road, which NOBODY wants!

But there are a few things La Mesa home sellers SHOULD NOT share! Here are 5 of them:

1. Our House Is In Perfect Condition:

When using this statement, you could be setting up the buyers for a letdown. Every buyer does an inspection of the home. Every home has some kind of problem with it. I know your home is your castle, but NO home is perfect and the buyer will distinguish what is ‘livable’ and what isn’t.

Setting them up with the thought that they will ‘find nothing’ and then they do, can have psychological effects that can hurt your bottom line.. 

(What not to say when selling your La Mesa home)#RealtorDad 


2. It’s Been On The Market For ‘X’:

Every seller wants top dollar for their home. Nothing kills the chance of achieving that goal more than ‘Market Time’.

Here’s the psychology. A buyer see that a home has been on the market for a long time and says to their self…

‘why would I give them what they want when I’m the only person who is willing to buy it?’

It makes negotiating harder with that market time number being a little big. Now, on the MLS they can see for themselves how long it’s been on the market, but maybe they overlooked it or didn’t initially care about it UNTIL it was brought up… Let the buyer do their own homework. You don’t need to spoon feed that information.

(what not to say when selling your La Mesa home) #RealtorDad

3. We’ve Never Had A Problem With….

Sometimes when something that’s been brought up to us about our home may or may not come to a shock to us. There could be a little problem with X but you didn’t care all these years because it really wasn’t THAT annoying.

Sometimes we think these little white lies are harmless but can come back to bite you down the road if they deem it REALLY annoying. It’s not worth putting yourself in that position. 


4. We’ve Always Wanted To Fix / Renovate That, But…..

Maybe you’ve had plans to update something like a kitchen or bathroom in the home but never got around to it…

That’s fair, but it may alert the buyer to upcoming expenses down the road. They may think to themselves, ‘why did they want to renovate or fix?’ ‘What is wrong with it?’

There is no need to feed their imagination. Maybe they are fine with the kitchen the way it is, but now, the gears start turning…. 


5. I’m Not Taking Less Than ‘X’ For My Home:

Look, every seller has a bottom line. It’s all about the numbers, but when you provide numbers like that and show your negotiating hand, it could scare off potential buyers who aren’t interested in getting into a bidding war with a seller adding to their stress…

Let them find out what your bottom line is during the negotiations…


Keep them emotionally invested and hooked into the deal. Sometimes you can wear them down to get what you want. No need to start off the whole process with ultimatums. 




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